Aircraft & Super Market Large Doors

Aircraft Hangers Fold up Doors

Champion Door rigid frame construction makes them ideal for large-scale exterior door locations such as aircraft hangars, in all sizes from military planes to jumbo jets. A Champion Door hangar door is reliable, long-lasting and does not require much maintenance. It endures heavy-duty industrial wear and its maintenance costs are low. The hangar doors are designed to withstand fluctuations in moisture levels and temperature; they are resistant to dirt, dust and wear, and stand up to even the most violent winds. The PVC material is also designed to resist the chemicals used for de-icing. We recommend the Champion Door NK2 Double and NK4 Warm models for aircraft hangars. The NK4 Warm model features two additional insulation layers for heat and noise insulation. The width and height is not limited thanks to the Champion Door hanger door elevating support post system; it is the best choice for extra wide and extra high hangar doorways up to A380 aircrafts.

Supermarket Fold up Doors

Paramount – Protection for large size ceiling-mounted telescopic

The Paramount modular barrier is a new closing system for big dimensions designed to fully comply with current regulations. Specifically designed for large shopping areas (checkout line

Closures, shopping malls, etc.) The main characteristics of this system are:

1-Modular construction and easy assembly without the need for lifting means

2-No width restrictions & Shaft assemblable on-site without welding

3 – The dimension of the axle and the supports (consisting of interchangeable nylon coated radial bearings) ensure high flexing resistance fully conforming to the standards.

Wind system shutter Doors

The combination of extruded slats and the anti- storm system, composed by large section reinforced guides and hooks, makes this shutter the ideal solution for installations where it is required a particular resistance to strong wind pressure.

– Reinforced bottom slat

– Special vertical guides and anti- storm hooks

Safety requirements and performance characteristics in compliance with standard EN 13241-Rolling shutters WIN Door ISEA are designed and manufactured in compliance with the stringent safety requirements of the European rules. The system has been tested and certified by TUV NORD testing laboratory, reaching Class 4 resistance to wind load until 20 meters wide.

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