The Paramount  Vehicle Barrier Gate is a advanced and intelligent Parking System designed to work seamlessly with ticket boxes, card readers& cameras. Crafted from high grade anti-rust aluminum alloy, they are built to last and with minimal maintenance required Paramount Barrier Gates can be operated remotely from a control room, security booth, or toll plaza.  In the event of power outages, they come equipped with a manual override for zero down time.


Our range of Automatic Bollards have all been chosen to suit a range of smaller domestic and commercial applications, such as driveways and entrances, parking management schemes and access control management. We have ensured that all of the automatic bollards within our range are as advanced and effective as they are reliable and long lasting. Available as an electro mechanical or hydraulic bollard, all of our automatic bollards are manufactured as a self contained pre wired unit that need only be installed into the ground and wired back through a ducting to a control panel. This control panel is the brains behind the operation of your bollard. The control panel will be responsible for accepting commands and controlling the opening and closing phases of the bollards cycles when in use.

Road Blocker

Road Blockers are high security hydraulic retractable obstacles. Durable construction enables them to resist violent impacts. It will therefore be used to secure the entrances of sites where there is a risk of intrusion by vehicle. Our road blockers provide reliable solutions for securing sensitive areas against ram attacks. Blocking lengths from 2000 mm to 6000 mm are available. Standard blocking height is 800 mm. Intermediate blocking heights from 500 mm to 1000 mm are available depending on customized request.  Suitable for high frequency heavy duty operation, Venire™ Road Blockers provide solid protection in areas that require high security, while maintaining its aesthetic line thanks to its continuously evolving modern design.

Swing and Sliding Motors

The motors for sliding gates are suitable both in residential and industrial areas, as they can handle weight up to 6,000 kilograms. Special versions are also available, such as ICE with special lubricants, PLUS with a built-in encoder and FAST with dual speed.The range of Swing gate motors for residential and industrial swing gates include non-reversible, hydraulic and underground operators able to move gates up to 15 meters long, weighing up to 12 kilograms.

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