Folding & Sliding Glass

Folding Doors (Frame & Frameless)

Paramount aluminums fold doors lead the way in innovation and design, setting the standards for other companies to follow. Rather than emphasizing on only one or two elements that make the Paramount doors stand out, there are countless features that make the SF55 and SF75 head and shoulders above the rest. German design and manufacture, slim sight lines, contemporary, square edged profiles throughout and color matched furniture in line with the frame make Paramount doors the best looking on the market. Choose between our award-winning SF55 and SF75 – the only German made system with a BSI Kite mark certificate – the perfect combination. Aluminum is an ideal material as it’s light, strong and stable with slim profile sections to minimize the visible framework and maximize the glass area. Gain reassurance in the most exposed locations with this virtually maintenance free material.

Sliding Frameless & Frame

The Paramount is a frameless glass door system which has a slender top and bottom aluminum rail. Choose from one panel sliding on an extended track, or up to 12 panels all sliding on a six track system. The versatility of this system enables the panels to slide from one side or to both sides creating additional opening options to your room. On opening and closing the sliding doors, each panel collects the next panel for added convenience and effortless operation. The bottom running construction enables large openings to be achieved without additional supports.

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